Diablo II Walkthrough: Act I - Quest 5: Tools of the Trade
Diablo II Walkthrough

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Quest 5: Tools of the Trade

Once back from Quest 4, Charsi will tell you about the Horadric Malus -- a special hammer the baddies have in the Barracks. The Barracks are a good ways ahead. Past the Black Marsh is the Tamoe Highland. Within that location, you can find the Monastery gate, head in and to the Outer Cloister, find the waypoint here and then find the Barracks. You will face some tough opposition here but eventually you'll find the hammer and the badass that guards it. Dust him then head back to Charsi, she has a special gift for you. She will imbue with magical properties anything you bring to her. We suggest a weapon. Find the best one you can that isn't socketed, rare or magical and give it to her. Don't give her a piece of armor unless it is something like your boots, or belt. Because all the other armor you have right now is going to be replaced in Act II, but if you get lucky on the imbue, you might keep a good weapon for quite some time.

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