Diablo II Walkthrough: Act II - Quest 4: Arcane Sanctuary
Diablo II Walkthrough

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Quest 4: Arcane Sanctuary

Once you've got the headpiece and other parts head into town, Cain will let you know what to do and point you towards Jerhyn, who will now let you into the Palace. Inside the Sanctuary you need to find the journal of some old dead geezer. To find the Sanctuary you need to head into the Palace, going down all the levels of the Harem, then the Palace Celler until you find the portal to the Arcane Sanctuary. A word on the Arcane Sanctuary, you are going to need some distance attack ability here so prepare for it. You will need to kill the guy guarding the book, he is The Summoner and is Quest 5 as well, so once again completing one quest will complete another.

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