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Full Banners

Full banners are the most prominent graphics on page. This tested way of advertising has proven its effectiveness for years now. According to studies, banner advertising is more effective than conventional forms of advertising (e.g. TV, radio and print advertising).


Screen Size

File Size
GIF / GIF89 and all rich media (Java, HTML, Flash etc.)


468 x 60 pixels
720 x 90 pixels
120 x 600 pixels
160 x 600 pixels

300 x 350 pixels
300 x 300 pixels


25K or less

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Button Banners

Banner buttons have the same effects of banner advertising but at a lower cost per impression.


Screen Size

File Size

120 x 60 pixels
125 x 125 pixels

12K or less

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Text Ads
Text ads have proven the most effective way of driving traffic. The fact that more people click on text ads combined with the very low price makes this form of advertising very appealing.
Types Character Size
description of product or site with link to one URL. 

14 words or less

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We work together with you to provide a customized marketing solution that brings the greatest exposure to your product or service.

Do you have special requirements or an innovative idea to market your business, our development team is flexible to meet your expectations.

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* We support most IAB/CASIE standard banner sizes. For sample graphics please visit the IAB site here.

Advertising Restrictions

Sites and advertisements are expressly prohibited if they:

  • violate any applicable law, regulation, or third party right,

  • encourage illegal activity or racism,

  • promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited email,

  • relate to pornography or contain links to pornographic sites.

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"Given that the Web's advertsing power is just beginning to be understood, any advertiser looking to build their brand and increase sales should utilize online advertising alongside tradintional media to ensure their future success."  source: IAB study
"Online advertising, using banners, has tremendous communications power. In fact, banners can impact the traditional marketing measures of... Advertisement awareness, Brand awareness, Brand perceptions, Potential for sales ...all from one exposure"   source: IAB study the big site