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Ricky Martin Discography

Sound Loaded Cover Image
Date: November 14 2000 
Category: Latin Pop 

01. She Bangs
02. Saint Tropez
03. Come To Me
04. Loaded
05. Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
06. Amor
07. Jezabel
08. The Touch
09. One Night Man
10. She Bangs (Spanish Version)
11. Are You In It For Love
12. Ven A Mi (Come To Me)
13. If You Ever Saw Her
14. Dame Mas (Loaded)
15. Cambia La Piel
Visitor Reviews
Reviewer: Francisco Cangiano Back to top

Puertorican superstar Ricky Martin just released his new album Sound Loaded. This new album is Martin's second English-based album and follow-up to last year's phenomenon Ricky Martin - the album that opened the doors for Latin sounds and artists in the US. This is the sixth album he has released throughout his career.

Martin's Sound Loaded is in deed full of extraordinary sounds. Once you put the album on your CD player, your body will definitely start to move to Latin sounds. If you don't start to shake once you hear percussion beats and sounding horns, then you need to go to the doctor for a check-up. That's what Sound Loaded is all about.

"She Bangs", the album's first single, joins together flamenco guitars and a downtown disco beat with driving horns and electric guitars. This song, along with its video, is a great follow-up to last year's "Livin' la vida loca." This track is definitely one of the best in the album.

Ricky Martin, as we all know already, was Martin's debut in the US market. This album was more musically American-oriented that all of the others he has released throughout his career. The album's mission was to introduce Martin's music to the US. And it did. Big time! Well, Loaded is Martin's trip around the world and back to his old Latin roots. Loaded visits different countries with its erotic and extravagant sounds. This new album is full of songs that pay homage to all of those sounds that Martin wants to introduce to the US. In other words, Loaded is full of international sounds.

The track "Loaded," is a type of "Livin' la vida loca" that's eagerly waiting to hit the air waves. Produced and written by Martin's long time friend and writer/producer Robi Rosa, this song is as sexual as "She Bangs" and it'll make your blood dance for sure. Martin has already predicted as a probable hit. "Loaded" will be the next single out of the new album," said Martin. "We are also in the process of developing ideas for the making of the video."

Other songs that are probable hits in the near future are the ballads "Come to me," "Nobody wants to be lonely," and "The Touch," which was written by Diane Warren and produced by Desmon Child.

So, does Martin's new album Sound Loaded compare to last year's Ricky Martin? Not entirely, but it breaks new ground. Where Loaded outdoes Martin, is in the way his music wonders into new territories. Examples of this are the Cuban-flavored "Amor," the Arabian and erotic "One night man," and the Puertorican-injected "Cambia la Piel." My personal favorite is the kinda-oldy "If you ever saw her." Loaded also includes Spanish versions of "She Bangs," "Come to me," and "Loaded." Even if you don't understand a word he is saying, you'll dance your bon bons off.

In general, Martin has done it again. Although Loaded doesn't quite surpass his last album, it clearly reaffirms him as the world's King of Latin pop music. My prediction: Sound Loaded will outshine his last album in sales.

This new album will make more money. The album's grade: B-

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