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About Us was first launched by Services, an innovative internet company, in 1999. Since then it has grown to be a network of engaging, informative and entertaining websites.

The Network of sites is a comprehensive web-resource offering news, reviews, information and media on a varied area of subjects.

Our Goal: to provide our visitors with free services and information quickly and efficiently resulting in an enjoyable internet experience. When designing our pages our first consideration is our visitors and not profit maximization. This business practice has resulted in being placed highly in the consciousness of internet audiences, and being considered by our loyal visitor base as a high quality internet site.

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Why Advertise With Us

The Network is a network of niche content sites providing advertisers with invaluable loyal target audiences.

Our audience varies from college-students to businessmen and from entertainment-buffs to avid book readers. Nabou.comís Network audience has origins from all over the world* with the US, Canada, Australia and the UK being the major players but with European and North American presence rising rapidly. As an advertiser you are given the option to target visitors by their interests and/or location.

Also because your ads are optimally placed your advertising campaigns receive some of the highest click-through rates on the internet. Our average click-through rate for September-November 2002 was 5.04%.

Ad-serving is done using DoubleClick DART, which is setting the standard in ad management technology. DART currently delivers billions of ads per month to thousands of the top sites on the Internet. Harnessing the Web’s powerful targeting potential, DART helps marketers reach their best prospects.

* see the demographics section of this media kit for detailed information on visitor origins
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"Given that the Web's advertsing power is just beginning to be understood, any advertiser looking to build their brand and increase sales should utilize online advertising alongside tradintional media to ensure their future success."  source: IAB study
"Online advertising, using banners, has tremendous communications power. In fact, banners can impact the traditional marketing measures of... Advertisement awareness, Brand awareness, Brand perceptions, Potential for sales ...all from one exposure"   source: IAB study the big site