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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough
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The opening FMV is very much like the one at TGS or the one of Famitsu Wave. You may see it at other websites, but this FMV is longer than that of Famitsu wave. Well, anyway it ends with the famous scene of Squall and Rinoa. Then an FMV of training duel between Squall and Seifer begins. The game starts at the infirmary. Dr. Kadowaki is the doctor in charge. A strange girl's reflex is seen on the glass by Squall's bed. She says, "Well met again, Squall." Then Quistis comes in. Quistis takes Squall to her classroom. He is told to sit down at his seat. She scolds Seifer for having a duel against Squall. When Squall sits down, you can control a panel on his desk. It contains tutorial, news from the Garden, etc. You can also have a test to get a higher level for SeeD. After Quistis talks for a bit, she says to Squall that he has to have a test to go to the Fire dungeon. She says she's going to be waiting for him at the main gate of the Garden. Then you can go anywhere in the Garden. When Squall goes to the elevator, Selphie talks to him. She says that she is a new student from Trabia Garden, and she asks Squall to show her around the Garden. At the main gate, Squall meets Quistis and they go to the Fire dungeon. The dungeon is not complicated at all and you can go easily to the end of it. There you meet Ifrit and have a battle against him. When you win, you can get GF Ifrit.

When Squall returns to the Balamb Garden, he is ordered to go to the Republic of Dollet, which is a test to be in SeeD. Squall, Zell, and Seifer go to the city of Balamb and then start for Dollet by a frigate. You can walk about the city freely, to destinations such as; Zell's house(!), a hotel, or a shop. Then you'll see a wonderful FMV which is exactly the same as the one of the demo game. The three are at the B team and are ordered to kill enemies in the city of Dollet, but they find very few enemies there. Seifer wonders what the EM tower is, and he gets interested in it, and he orders Squall and Zell to go to the EM tower with him. When they reach the foot of the tower, Selphie, who was in group A, comes as a dispatch rider. Squall and Zell go up the tower with Selphie, following Seifer. At the top, Biggs was repairing some machines and the EM tower begin to work with the power now turned on. Selphie tells them to return back down to the beach. A battle against Biggs and Wedge, then against a boss Elviole. Don't forget to draw Siren from this boss!! After this battle, you have thirty minutes to get to the beach this time, unlike fifteen minutes at the demo game. A crab like monster X-ATM092 chases them. I heard that if you are by far strong you can kill this monster, but well, don't work too hard and let's run away. ;-) Squall, Zell and Selphie run down to the beach. When they get to the beach, Quistis destroys the monster by shooting a big gun.

The frigate returns to the city of Balamb. At the Garden, some students are waiting to know whether they passed the test. Zell and Squall are called and told that they passed the test. Then there is a semi party in Cid's room. After the little ceremony, don't forget to talk to Cid. He will give you a "battle kei," an item to tell you the data of your battles.

At night, a party is held. When Squall is standing alone, a mysterious girl (Rinoa) talks to him. She invites him to the dance. First he rejects because he doesn't know how to dance, but Rinoa tells him how to dance. Enjoy a wonderful and beautiful FMV. Rinoa here is so charming. After the dance, when Squall is cooling off at a balcony, Quistis comes to him and tells him to go to the secret place in the training room.

Well, go to the training room. Quistis is waiting at the entrance. Don't forget to set GF to her. After going through the training room, Quistis talks to Squall outside the room. After the talk, when Quistis and Squall go out of the training room, a shriek is heard. A strange girl (not Rinoa) and two soldiers are asking for help. The strange girl is the same girl of the reflection when Squall finds himself at the infirmary. A battle against a boss Granald. You can draw shell from this monster.

The next day Squall, Zell and Selhie are ordered to go to Timber. Talk to Cid at the entrance of the Garden, and he will give you a magical lamp. It is an item you can get GF Diablos. As this GF is very strong, don't forget to save your data before you use this lamp. Go to the city of Balamb and take a train for Timber. In the train the three suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep. Then the scene changes and Laguna, Kiros and Ward appear. For some time you will play with them. They have some battles in a forest of Timber, and then they go into Deling city. Go to the Deling city hotel, and you'll see an event that Laguna talks to his favorite singer, Julia. Laguna visits her room and have talk some here. After the event, the scene returns to Squall and his fellows. They are still on the train. The three talks about their strange dream, but then the train arrives at Timber. Squall meets a member of a resistance movement, "mori no fukurou," or Owls in forest. Choose the third password, the third one is, "mori no fukurou," not "mori no chocobo", nor "mori no mohguri." Thre three are lead to their safe house, and there they meet Rinoa, the leader of Owls in forest. Rinoa tells a plan to hijack the President's private train.

To carry out this plan, you have to watch out the two enemy guards (blue and red) and input a passcode while they are away. Rinoa will tell you the passcodes. You have five minutes to finish this plan. When you fail, choose the upper choice, then you can try again, but your level as a SeeD will be down. (This mean you'll get less money). Enter the President's car, and you'll find it's not the real President. You'll have a battle against the boss Namtal Utok. As this boss is undead, you can kill him very easily by using potion or pheonix down to him. You can draw magics double and zombe from this boss.

When you arrive at Timber, you'll know that the President Deling is leaving for a TV studio in Timber. Talk to people you meet, and you'll know you can go to the TV studio through Uradoori, or a back-street. Go to a pub, and you can go to uradoori. You can get a magic blizara, or blizard 2 at Timber Henshubu, or Timber publishing company. At the TV studio, the president begins broadcasting. Then Seifer appears and tries to kill the president. Quistis appears, too. In a small room next to the studio, Edea appears and she takes Seifer away.

Some short events. In a house, Quistis suggests to seek help at Galbadia Garden. Helped by members of Owls in Forest, the members leave for the Galbadia Garden by train. Get off the train at Gakuen Higashi station. Go through a forest to the west of the station. While going through it, the members fall asleep again, and the characters change to Laguna and his fellows.

This time Laguna, Kiros and Ward are spying on Sentra digging. There are some levers or dynamites. You can move or use them. They don't make so much difference. At the end, Laguna arrives at a steep cliff with the sea below. They dive into the sea.

Squall arrives at the Galbadia Garden. They are told to kill Edea by the principle of Galbadia Garden, Dodonna. Irvine Kineas joins in. You can go about the Galbadia Garden freely.

Then Squall leaves for Deling city. You can walk there or take a train. You can move about the city freely, but first you must see Colonel Karway. At the entrance of the Colonel's house, you are told to go to the "Na mo naki ou tachi no haka," or The tomb of nameless kings. You have to get a number of a student who went there. The guard sells you the map of the tomb. You can know where you are in the tomb with this map. Its shape is like a big cross. It is located to the northeast from Deling city. You'll find a hole at the end of a small peninsula. Near the entrance, you'll find a piece of paper on the floor. Push the circle button, and you'll know the number of the student. The number is set at random. You also can get GF brothers there. Go back to the Deling city and tell the guard the number. This time you can enter the house of Colonel Karway. He will explain how the plan will be carried out. Go about the city as much as you like, then talk to everybody. When you talk to a person at Gaisenmon, or a memorial arch, the next events will happen. Rinoa goes to the president's house alone. She can climb a balcony where President Deling were about to make a speech. The president was killed and Edea appears. Two lizard like sculptures carved on a wall come to life. They assault Rinoa and she falls down.

The parade begins. Enjoy the colorific FMV. At the same time, Quistis, Selphie and Zell are locked in the Colonel's room. Check a picture and a statue. (You can move Quistis) Then take a glass and make the lady statue have it. A secret path will open. Go down the path and you have to wander a vennel under ground. This vennel is so complicated. Anyway you can climb some waterwheels. Push the circle button in front of it. If you can't climb one, it is a wrong way. Then Quistis, Selphie and Zell manage to reach the gaisenmon, or the memorial arch. They are just in time. Irvine tries to shoot Edea, but he is too afraid to do it. Somehow he manages to shoot, but a strange shield protects the witch. Then Squall and Irvine enter the president's room to save Rinoa. You'll have a battle against the boss Shmelke, two animated sculptures. You can draw GF Carbunkle from these monsters. Go to Edea, and then Squall has a one-to-one battle against Seifer. After that, Squall, Irvine, and Rinoa have a battle against Edea. You can't kill the witch this time. Indeed Edea falls down, but she throws a big blue icicle like spear to Squall. Squall falls down from the float. 

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