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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough
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Squall wakes up at his own room. He goes to the infirmary of the Balamb Garden. Rinoa is lying on the bed without unconscious. Then Quistis tells him to go to Edea's house. The orphanage is shown as Edea's house on the world map. It is located in an island in the lower (south) part of the world map. You may see a lighthouse at the end of a small peninsular. It's Edea's house. Edea and Cid are waiting for them at her house. There Edea says that Altemisia, a witch in future, wants a power called jikan-asshuku, or time compression. This power can compress time and make present, future and the past together. To get this power, Altemisia wants to change the past and she has been searching for Elone, who has a power to let people see the past. Forced by Altemisia, Edea could but abandon herself and follow her. Edea thought it was the safest way to save Elone from Altemisia. She asks Squall to go to a ship of White SeeD and save Elone. Don't forget to get "Edea's letter" from her. After meeting Edea, Squall returns to the infirmary where Rinoa lies. Then the scene changes and we play in Laguna's world again.

This time Laguna is playing as an actor. It is a scene that a soldier (Laguna) helps a princess from a fierce dragon. Instead of fake dragon that Kiros and Ward were going to act, a real dragon appears. A mini game to fight against the dragon. Square button is to attack, and X button to defense. After the mini game, Laguna, Kiros and Ward run away, but anyway they have to fight against the Rubulmdragon again. Use GF Shiva and ice magics. When Squall wakes up from the dream of Laguna, he knows the next aim is to find Elone. White SeeD has taken her way. So search for the ship of White SeeD. It is located near Edea's house, in Sentra continent, where some islands are. It is in the bay of an island whose shape looks like U or V. It is a ship where many children are living together. Talk to everybody. If you don't have Edea's letter, they will tell you nothing. If you have a dirty book, Zone wants to have it. Give him the book, and he'll give you rename card, and the card of Shiva. I think you can get the dirty book at the publisher at Timber. The leader of White SeeD begins to talk. "Edea was on this ship. And we kept Elone. After Edea left, Galbadia force attacked the ship. We tried to fly away. At that time a ship of Esta came and Esta soldiers climbed into this ship. Galbadia ships and Esta ships began to fight. When the Esta ship began to leave, Elone run up to the end of the ship and jumped onto the ship. I think she is in Esta now."

Anyway, let's leave for Esta. Esta is a continent seen on the right part of the world map, but as you see, you can't go straight to Esta. First go to FH. Squall carries Rinoa on his back. A nice short event in FH. Squall talks to unconscious Rinoa. Though Squall has described himself as "cool manhater," he realizes that he has been afraid of being hurt in fact. Squall really wishes Rinoa to come to life again. Other members including Edea gather together. Edea, too, wants to go to Esta with them. She wants Dr. Odain in Esta to protect her from the future villain witch Altemisia. They leave for Esta by walking through the railroad. They get to daienko, or Great Salt Lake. Here you can join Edea as one of the members. At the end of the route, they see a strange barrier twinkling, and then a door suddenly opens in the air. They enter it and find they are riding in a strange vehicle. A great city Esta appears in midair and the vehicle carries them to the city. Enjoy a wonderful FMV like a Sci-Fi movie. When they get off the vehicle, suddenly they fall down and the scene changes to Laguna's world. Laguna has been captured in Esta, and is forced to work for Esta. Dr.Odain, a mad scientist, was going to have a strange experiment, and an accident happens. Another captured man tells that a witch Adel has ruled this Esta, but many people, even some scientests, are against her. Laguna is asked to be their leader. Anyway Laguna (and Kiros and Ward of course) begins to fight and let the captured man and Moomba get free. They go to Lunatic Pandora Lab and find Elone has been captured there. Laguna suceeds to save her. There is a magazine gekkan buki soukangou, or Weapon magazine vol.1. This magazine tells you how to upgrade Squall's weapon to the strongest one, Lionheart.

The scene returns to Squall and his fellows, and they are brought to daitouryou kantei or White House(?) They meet Dr. Odain there. Edea tells that they need Elone and have to protect her from Altemisia. Dr. Odain agrees but he insists to make a research on Rinoa instead. Anyway, after the conversation, they get free to go anywhere in Esta and other places. Don't forget to go to Tears point to the southeast of Esta. You can do nothing here now but get Soromon no yubiwa, or Solomon's ring. There are some shops in the shopping mall in Esta. Here is a bookstore, too and you can get all the back number of Gekkan buki (except the first volume), which enables you to upgrade characters' weapons and Kakutouou, which tells Zell a new skill of his limit break. Don't forget to buy one if you don't have one. After walking around Esta, go to the president's house. They are told the history of Esta. A witch Adel ruled this city. People in Esta didn't like this, so they once trapped Adel into Witch memorial by telling a lie that they caught Elone. Adel came, and she was trapped there. People sealed her(?) or freezed her and sent her into space.

Squall decides to go up to space to recover Rinoa. You have to make two parties here. Squall goes to the Luna Gate and is sent to space. At that time a big and mysterious building structure Lunatic Pandora appears above Esta. It is a building that covers daisekichu, a big stone pillar, so that it can fly. Lunatic Pandora was said to be made to seal moon stone, and avoid tsuki no namida, or moon's tear.

Lots of monsters live on the moon, and when the number of monsters increased to the level that the moon can't hold them, moon's tear happens. When this happens, lots of monsters fall into the earth like a teardrop from the moon. At the magic lab, Dr. Odain tells Squall how to enter Lunatic Pandora. It is flying over Esta and you have three chances. Time limit is shown at the top of the screen. You should move around Esta and know where you get into Lunatic Pandora. If you suceed at the first chance, you can draw a magic meteo inside Lunatic Pandora. There's a battle and then the scene changed to Squall in space. Squall reaches the sattelite and is defrosted. Move around the sattelite. Rinoa goes out of the sattelite. (sorry, I don't remember this part very well.) Squall goes out to save her. A mini game to save Rinoa. Push the direction button and keep her at the center of the screen. Squall suceeds but they float in the midspace. They approach a Rocket Ragnarok. They enter it. There are eight monsters inside Ragnarok. They are two yellow ones, two green and two purple and so on. If you kill yellow and then green, the first yellow will revive. To avoid this, if you kill yellow, search for another yellow and kill it. Then two yellow monsters don't revive. In this way, kill the eight monsters, and you can go to the cockpit and drive Ragnarok. Enjoy some nice conversation between Squall and Rinoa. At that time Luna gate in Esta begins radio contact. It tells that Rinoa is now a witch and a witch must be sealed and have a long sleep. Rinoa is afraid, but they can do nothing. When Squall and Rinoa land on the ground, scientists come and take her away. Squall is quite at a loss. There, Selphie and other members appear and now you can drive Ragnarok as you like. But first go to majo kinenkan, a witch memorial hall.

After a short event you'll get Rinoa again. Go to the President's house at Esta. You'll meet the president and he is Laguna! Laguna tells a plan to beat Altemisia.

Stories that Laguna tells Squall:
Little Eluone was kidnapped to Esta, and Laguna went there to save her. He saved her, as you know in the scenes in the past, and he saw her off to her hometown Winhill. He couldn't go with her, because he was busy with lots of problems people in Esta asked him to do. It was a fatal mistake. When Eluone got Winhill, her mother Lain had been dead. She was sent to an orphanage of Edea and Cid. Later she got on board the ship of White SeeD and took care of other orphans.

Dr. Odain is a mad scientist. It was he that enabled people to use magics like a witch. When he found little Eluone, he was very much interested in her and began his study on her. Then he invented a machine that make it possible. Go to Edea's house again. Don't forget to bring Rinoa to the flowerbed on the left. You can see a nice event. Then get on Ragnarok and fly into Lunatic Pandora! (Before you enter Lunatic Pandora, you can go back and enter every city. After the save point of Lunatic Pandora, you can't return. Be careful.) You meet Fujin and Raijin and you have a battle against a machine they bring. Then you fight against Seifer. (You can draw magic "aura" from him. Aura is a very useful magic which causes Tokushu-waza, or so called limit very easily.) Then Seifer takes Rinoa to the witch Adel. You fight against Adel holding Rinoa in her hands. Be careful not to give much damage to Rinoa. If Rinoa's HP becomes 0, the game will be over. Don't use GF, and use usual magic only to Adel. Sometimes you need to recover Rinoa's HP. Enjoy the wonderful CG of time compression. End of Disc 3.

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