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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough
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Now we are at disc 4! I suppose you've seen the compression of time and all we have to is to go to Altemisia's castle.
First when you go out of the Altemisia's castle, maybe you can't have Ragnarok and be quite at a loss. Don't worry, and go out through other gate and go to Chocobo's forest. This time you can get chocobo very easily. If you get one, ride on it and go where your Ragnarok is.

Have you got all the GF? Try to get all the GF before you enter the castle. If you don't know how to get one, look for a guide. Adding to this let's get as many magics as you can. 天国に一番近い島, and 地獄に一番近い島 have lots of draw points of strong magics, such as ultima, flare, meteo and so on. Let's go there and walk around pushing the circle button. (Don't forget to set enkaunto nashi, if you don't want to fight.

At the castle first you have to break seals. Unless you break seals, you can't use magic nor GF. Now let me show you all the seals one by one.(you don't have to break seals according to this order.)
The first seal: Let's have a fight against the monster at the stairway. You can use only tataku, or fight, but it is not so strong. After you beat it, you can choose a command you can use.
The second seal: From the place of the first seal go to the left through a corridor. First you have to get on a chandelier and let it fall down and break the door to the basement.
The third seal: There's a switch near the chandelier where it fell down. Let other party come to the switch by using the green area where you can change the member, and have them put on the switch. So the chandelier will be kept up and you can go overe it.
The fourth seal:Go to the left wing of the hall and then go down from 2F to 1F. The monster is in the houmotsuko, a treasure room. You need the key to the treasure room. Be sure to open all the lids of the treasure boxes.
(You can get the key just behind the center floor, where the second seal is. It's near the fountain. The key is in the water unless you use suimon no kagi, the key of watergate.)
(suimon no kagi is in the room of left wing. You can go there by controling the balance. Women are light.)
The fifth seal: The room at the rightwing. Go down from 2F to 1F. You will come to a room with many pictures. You can see a0picture by approaching it and pushng the circle button.
You can also see a big clock painted on the floor. The three hands shows VIII, VI and IIII. Mind this.
Well, if you go to the biggest picture on the left, you will be requested to input the title of the picture. How can we solve this riddle? First let me show you all the title of the pictures, and then pick up letters that show figures, i.e. I,V and X.
VIVIDARIUM.........VIII (well, there's no case VIVII, so let's omit the secnd V)
Do you get it? As the clock hands show 8,4,and 6. Let's input the title which shows the figures.:-)

The sixth seal: Go farther through the room where there was the fifth seal. Go down to the basement. It is the room on the left. You can get 牢獄の鍵,rougoku no kagi, or the key of the cell, here.
The seventh seal:In the room bukiko, or weapon room on the right side of the room with a watergate. (You can get bukiko no kagi, or the key of the weapon room, on the middle of a suspension bridge. Don't run on the bridge, or you'll drop the key! But if you did, don't worry. You can pick the key again if you go down to the place you dropped it. )
The eighth seal:Go from the room where there is a pipe organ, and go through on the suspensin bridge. Go up the spiral staircase. There's a big pendulum in the center of the spiral staircase. You can jump on the pendulum by pushing the circle button and go over the terrace.
*How to operate the organ: By pushing all the key, do, re, mi, fa, so, ra, shi, and do, you can go to the corridor on the right.
*A bell: There's a bell on the right wing on the 1st floor. If you ring the bell, you can hear a monster howling. Then you have time limit of 60 sec. To clear this trick, first bring other three members to the green zone near the bell. Then take the three members to the green zone near the fountain. Let the three near the bell ring it. Then change the party to the three near the fountain. Thus you can go to the purple mist within the time limit. There you'll have a battle.

First you can use only "fight." When you break the seal one by one you can be able to use one ability, such as "magic","GF","special attack" and so on.

After you break all the seals now let's go to the witch Altemisia!
I recommend you to set all GF to the strongest three. First Altemisia choose the member to fight at random, but be patient until the weak three disappears. ;-)
Of course there's no rule how to fight against Altemisia, but let me show you some easy way to fight.
First let's pick up as many magics as possible in Tengoku/Jigoku ni chikai shima. Set strong magics such as Arutema(Ultima) or triple to Squall. Are their HP all 9999? I cleared about at level 30 or so, but I could make their HP 9999. Set ultima x100 to HPJ.
My battle was as follows: First I used Celberos and enabled them to use triple magics. You can use ultima x3 to Altemisia, or aura x3, protes x3, or shell x3 to all the members. Squall fought and other two recovered HP. I used very few GF. Rinoa's special attack "invisible moon"is very useful. This special attack makes all damages nothing. (Be careful that while "invisible moon" is working you can't use the magic aura.) Eiyuu no kusuri also makes you invincible. I used Squall's and Irvine's special attack or ultima x3.
The second or third form of Altemisia will kill GF when they are used. So I had to use the magic triple to enable them to use three magics at a time.

Well I hope this will help you to beat the last enemy Altemisia, and if so, let's enjoy the ending FMV!! The end of disc 4

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