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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough
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Disc 2 begins with Laguna. Laguna lives in a village Winhill and his job is killing monsters around the village. He and a little girl named Elone are good friends. Laguna meets a lady named Lane and she tells him that Julia waited for Laguna, but as Laguna didn't return to her for a long time, she got married to Colonel Karway. Kiros visits Laguna and they have a battle in the village.

monster here
monster hp(lv1-30) magic you can draw(lv.1-19) magic you can draw(lv.20-29)
Obite bug 114-410 fire, libra fira(fire2), libra
Nkedachick 172-1060 thunder, kearu(heal) thundara(thunder2), kearura(heal2), slow

The scene changes and Squall finds himself in a jail. Seifer comes and tells him that he is a knight of the witch and tortures Squall. You also know that Edea has a plan to fire missiles at Gardens. Quistis, Zell and Selphie are also captive in a desert jail. They don't have their weapons and are captured at 8th floor. Use Zell, who needs no weapon, to fight and get back their weapons. Check your junction. They manage to go out of the cell by deceiving guards. A battle against Biggs and Wedge at 7th floor.

Monsters that are Here:
monster hp(lv.1-30) magic you can draw(lv.1-19) magic(lv.20-29)
Biggs 1467-2725 kearu, haste, slow, rejene kearura, haste, slow, rejene
Wedge 1416-2600 fire, shell, protess, reflec fira, shell, protess, reflec
wendigo 1026-2875 berserk berserk, protess
GIM52A 1431-3650 haste, slow haste, slow, despell
GIM47M 330-1050 esuna, kearu esuna, raise
thrust avis 310-1050 blizard, libra, levitate blizara, aero, libra, levitate
guard 45-415 sleep, siless, blind, kearu sleep, silece,blind, kearura
hhau lizard 43-265 thunder, kearu thunder, thundara, kearu, kearura
belhelmelhel 369-1035 sleep, thunder berserk, thundera
elite soldier 148-740 fire, thunder, blizard, libra fira, thundara, blizara, libra

Somehow Rinoa and Irvine join them. Moomba is kicked around by guards. Help him, and choose the upper choice. Then go to help Squall. He is captured at 13th floor. You can enter some of the cells. If you play a cardgame with a man at 10th floor and win, he will improve your battle kei. (as I didn't do this, I don't know what becomes of battle kei.) The exit is the top of the jail. You make two groups to get out of the jail. One group goes up and the other goes down. You use the vehicle that goes up and down the jail.

You get out of the jail and the characters have a talk. Make two groups. One group is going to go to the Galbadia missile base to prevent the base from shooting missiles. The other is going to the Balamb Garden for warning.

Selphie and other two go to the missile base. They disguise themselves to be Galbadian soldiers and enter the base. Talk to everybody you meet. You can have a battle, or continue to disguise. Either way is OK. As they talk to soldiers, they can go to more places. When you come to the missile control panel, set the error ratio to maximum by pushing the direction button to right and then the circle button. At one room Selphie sets destructive system in motion. You can choose 10/20/30/40 minutes to go out. If you choose 10 minutes, your SeeD level will be higher, but be careful. You will have to fight against the boss. There are three draw points in the base. You can draw magic araise at one of them. When your HP is 0, this magic can cure you and give you back full HP again.

monster HP(lv.1-30) magic you can draw weak point
BGF251F2 4200-10000 shell, protess, stop thunder, water

Squall and other two come back to the Balamb Garden. There you'll find they have a quarrel between Master party and Cid party. Squall also gets involved. You should be in Cid party. Anyway you should look for Cid. Move around the Garden, and meet Shu. Cid says there's something to protect the Garden from missiles at the basement floor called MD.

Monsters that are Here
monster hp(lv.1-30) magic you can draw(lv.1-19) magic(lv.20-29)
blood soul 510-1250 zombe, levitate zombe, levitate, siless
prinura 246-690 shell shell, blind, berserk
oil sipper(boss) 2136-5480 esuna, blind, kearu, confu, esuna, blind, kearura, confu(weak point=fire)
triface(boss) 6027-7950 siless, blind, siless, blind, slow, bio(weak point=fire)

After Squall activates the protect system, they have a battle against the master of the Garden, the boss Nogue. There are three shelters and Nogue is in the center shelter. The shelters' color change, blue, yellow and red. If you attack the shelters, its color will change blue, and when it's blue, it doesn't use magics. When its color turns red, it uses strong magic. So attack the shelters and keep them blue. Use GF Carbunkle to make the magic bounce back. Attack the center shelter and beat Nogue. Don't forget to draw Leviathan before you kill him.

monster hp(lv.1-30) magic you can draw weak point
Nogue 4400-13100 shell, protess, esuna, GF Leviathan wind

After Squall beats Nogue, the Balamb garden itself flies up and avoid the missiles. Then Cid tells Squall about the surprising relationship between Cid and Edea. *Spoiler* It is, well, Edea is his wife! Cid began the Garden with her knowing she's a witch. Anyway the floating Garden begins to hover. At that time White SeeD appears at the Garden. They call themselves SeeD, too, and they want a girl called Elone. Squall has to find her in the Garden. To tell the truth, she is at the library. White SeeD takes her away, and says that she has an ability to take other people into the past. After they went away, the floating Garden gets to Fisherman's Horizon(F.H.) It is a city located at the mid point of the Horizon Bridge, which is a railroad that connects two continents. People living in this city are people who have escaped from the continents, and they don't want to fight. Their leader, the station master, doesn't want fighting, neither, and dislikes SeeD. There are 5 draw points in F.H., they are Regene(by the railroad), Shell(next to Junc shop), Altema(stationmaster's house 2F), Haste(within FH station), Araise(at the angler). Talk to the angler and his aprentice. After talking with the stationmaster, Galbadian soldiers invades FH. Squall fights to help the stationmaster.

Monsters that are Here
monster hp(lv1-30) magics you can draw(lv.1-19) (lv.20-29)
Galbadia soldier 45-415 fire, thunder, blizard, kearu, fira(fire2), thundara, blizara, kearura
SAM08G 747-4075 shell, protess, shell, protess, raise
GIM47n 310-1050 esuna, kearu, esuna, raise
elite soldier 148-740 fire, thunder, blizard, libra, fire, thundara, blizara, libra

name hp(lv.1-30) magic you can draw(lv.1-29) comment
BGH261F2 5100-8000 shell, protess, stop attacks: missile, razer beam, weak point: thunder, water, soil

After the battle, they go back to the Garden. Selphie is going to hold a concert. You have to choose 4 instruments out of 8. They are from the top, guitar, sax, electric guitar, piano, fiddle, flute, electric base and tap dance. Selphie has two kinds of music and they were mixed up. Choose four music that represent one tune. Rinoa invites Squall to the concert. Fixing of the Balamb Garden has been done, and the Garden can move again. Squall is named to be the leader of the Balamb Garden. Now you can move the Garden freely. To go forward, push the square button. To get off, push the circle. Though you can go anywhere, first let's leave for the city of Balamb. When you get there, you find it was invaded by Galbadian force and is in disorder. First you must meet shikikan, or the commander. There seems to be some ways to meet him, but let me show you one. Go to Zell's house and meet his mother. Then go to the harbor and ask a soldier there, and he will tell you that the commander was fishing. Go to Zell's house again and his mother will tell you that the commander was cooking fish he caught, and that they smelled bad. Go to the harbor and talk to the dog, and it will lead you to the Balamb station. You can buy information by a car at the harbor, but if you do so, as it is not a fair way for a SeeD to do, your level as SeeD will be brought down. Go to the hotel, and you'll find Raijin there. A battle against Raijin and two soldiers. Then you enter the hotel and have a battle against Raijin and Fuujin. DON'T FORGET TO DRAW PANDEMONIUM FROM FUUJIN!! First beat Raijin. Unless you draw Pandemonium, Fuujin will use only magics. After drawing, she will attack and make your HP 1. Of course you shouldn't use thunder magic to Raijin.

Selphie suggests that they should go to Trabia Garden. When they get there, they find it was desolated in ruins because of the missile attacks. Selphie and other two enter the Garden. There's no battle. Just move around and talk to everyone. An old diary says "five steps to the south from the gargoyle statue of Trabia Garden." What's that? Well, try by yourself. After talking to everybody, all the member gather at a basketball court. They begin to talk about their childhood, and then it is revealed that they were all orphans and were brought up at an orphanage named Ishi no ie, or a Stone House. Strangely they have been forgetting their childhood, and by telling each other, they gradually remember what happened. Quistis says that if a person uses GF, a GF will occupy a part of one's brain, so some memories will be lost. Anyway enjoy some nice memories of Irvine or Squall. Squall, Irvine, Selphie, Quistis and Zell were all brought up an orphanage Stone House. (Zell's parents are adoptive ones) Also Squall remembers there was Elone, too. (BTW, please pronounce her name as El-ou-ne. I don't know how to spell her name) They called their housemother mama-sensei, or mother-teacher, but they now remember her real name was Edea Cramer. (Do you get what this means?) The orphanage was made to bring up children to make them SeeD.

After talking together, they decide to go to the orphanage. I think it is shown as Edea's house on the world map. It is located in an island in the lower (south) part of the world map. You may see a lighthouse at the end of a peninsular. But just before they get there, Galbadia Garden was waiting for them. It was changed as if it were Edea's fortress. As the member of the party changes so often, don't forget to change GF junction. After Balamb clashed Galbadia Garden, go to the classroom 2F. A mini-game of aerial dogfight. You have about 1 min. 20 sec. The buttons are: circle:punch, X:kick, square:guard, triangle:special attack. In Galbadia Garden, many doors are locked. You have to get three card keys to open them.

card key 1 is found at the dormitory 2F.
card key 2 is found at a classroom 1F.
card key 3 is found at another classroom 1F.

At the center of a hall, there is Cerberus. Fight against it, and you will get GF Cerberus when you win. Be careful. If you don't beat it here, you can't get GF Cerberus forever. Cerberus uses magics siles, despell, thundaga, and it uses a magic triple, which enables it to use magics three times at one turn. Don't use reflect to Squall. Thunder magics are useless. After you get Cerberus, go up to the master's room at 3F. Edea and Seifer are waiting for you. First you have a battle against Seifer. Don't forget to set GF Cerberus. It's a very useful GF (triple). Go to the daikoudou, or assembly hall. Edea comes down from the ceiling. Seifer appears, too. You have a battle against Seifer and Edea. Seifer is weaker than before, but Edea is strong. As she uses siles and makes you unable to use any magics, don't forget to have a command of item for at least one member. DON'T FORGET TO DRAW ALEXANDER FROM EDEA! After you beat her, disc 2 ends.

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